Required Documents

You are required to obtain the original documents or certified copies, and one photocopy (with the exception of your passport and photographs) of the following documents for yourself and each family member applying for a visa. All documents are required even if they were previously submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services with your petition.

You are required to bring only the documents applicable to you on the day of the interview.  The failure to do so may result in your application being denied.


The passport must be valid for travel to the United States and must have at least eight months validity from the date on which the visa is issued.  Children may be included on a parent’s passport, but if over the age of 16, their photographs must be printed in the passport.

Birth Certificate

You must provide an original birth certificate from an appropriate government authority (issuing entity).  The certificate must contain the individual’s date and place of birth, names of both parents and an annotation by the appropriate authority indicating that it is an extract from the official records.

In certain countries, this certificate may not be available.  If you are from a country where government-issued birth certificates are not available, please obtain a certified statement from the appropriate government authority stating the reason the birth record is unavailable.  Along with this statement, you must submit secondary evidence (e.g., baptismal certificate, adoption decree or an affidavit from a close relative, preferably the applicant’s mother/father stating the date and place of birth, both parent’s names and the mother’s maiden name).  The affidavit must be executed before an official authorized to take oaths or affirmation.

Adoption Certificate

If applicable, obtain the original or a certified copy of your adoption certificate. The certificate must show date and place of adoption, along with the names of the adoptive parents. This certificate must be issued by a public authority and show that a public record exists of the adoption.

Name Change Document

Legal documents providing evidence of your name change.

Divorce Decree or Death Certificate

If you have previously been married you should be prepared to submit evidence of the termination of the marriage (i.e. divorce decree or death certificate)

Police Certificate

Required for all countries where you have lived for more than 12 months since the age of 16 and any country where you have been arrested, even if you were not resident there.  U.S. police certificates are not required.  Police certificates from certain countries are unavailable or are obtained directly by this office.

Court Records

If you have been convicted of a crime you must obtain a certified copy of each court record and any prison record, regardless of whether you have subsequently benefited from an amnesty, pardon or other act of clemency.

Court records should include: Complete information regarding the circumstance surrounding the crime of which you were convicted and the disposition of the case, including sentence or other penalty or fine imposed;

Military Records

If you have served in the military forces of any country you must obtain your military record.  On the day of the visa interview you will be required to provide either your discharge papers or evidence of terminal leave from the forces.  Note: Military records from certain countries are unavailable.


Two color photographs meeting the photo requirements.  These photographs must be full-face and taken within the last six (6) months.       

Affidavit of Support

K and Diversity visa applicants are not required to provide an I-864 Form.  However, they must show evidence that they are not likely to become public charges while in the United States. There is no set for that this evidence must take but use of the form I-134 is an efficient way to provide this information to the Consular Officer.


All documents not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations. The translation must include a statement signed by the translator that states that the translation is accurate.  Only one copy is needed. Note: Applicants are also required to submit the original document, in the original language.