Social Media Expertise in the Sultanate

Paul Colligan speaks about Social Media to a crowd of 50 entrepreneurs at The Lounge Oman

Social Media is everywhere. Like never before, businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists live and die by their ability to navigate this form of communication. Whether in small-town America, or the bustling streets of Muscat, successful business and cultural leaders are learning how to use youtube, facebook, instagram, snapchat, and many other new forms of communication to connect with their customers, followers, and supporters.

Learning from the Experts

In April of 2016, YouTube Expert Paul Colligan visited Oman. He spoke to entrepreneurs, artists, and business leaders from around Muscat about how to “use social” to improve their work. One of the first things Paul noticed was how familiar his audience felt here in Oman. “I’m getting same questions here that I do back in the United States,” Paul said after his first session at The Lounge, Oman.

Paul answers questions about Social Media at The Lounge.
Paul Colligan takes specific questions about Social Media at The Lounge, Oman.

Connecting the Social Media Dots

Paul emphasized to his audiences that Social Media works best when it works together with other strategies. That means that social media alone cannot make a business succeed. Social media must be only one part of a larger strategy, and work together with other forms of communication. Don’t rely on just one tool: use all the tools available to you so that they work together!

Paul Colligan shares his expertise on Social Media.
Paul Colligan shares his expertise on Social Media with entrepreneurs at Th Lounge

Anyone Can Do It

Moreover, Paul also reminded everyone he talked to that the beauty of Social Media is that everyone can use it. Paul shared stories about how advertising and marketing used to require business people to rely on other people doing things for them. Now, with your smartphone or tablet virtually at your fingertips, anyone has to power to reach millions. Paul shared tips and tricks to navigating today’s most popular platforms, from youtube, to facebook, to instagram.

Paul Colligan talks to entrepreneurs about Social Media.
Paul Colligan talks to female entrepreneurs at the SAS incubator for small business.