Discover America Festival to feature regional cuisine at Oman’s top hotels

The Discover America Festival, designed to highlight the strong economic relationship between the U.S. and Oman, has returned for its 4th year, this time with a unique focus on the many regional cuisines of the United States.
Presented by the Oman American Business Centre (OABC), in partnership with the U.S. Embassy, the Discover America Festival will feature over a dozen events, promotions, and activities across Muscat’s hotels and retailers. The event, planned in coordination with the 150-member companies of the OABC, will highlight regional American cuisines at themed events such as a Big American Brunch, “Taste of the American South”, and even an evening BBQ event with a movie showing on the beach.
The official launch reception of the Discover America Festival 2018 will be on October 8 at the Hormuz Grand Hotel. The OABC will host this event for member companies, festival partners, and other VIPs, with special guest U.S. Ambassador Sievers. Lincoln is the official sponsor of the event, with Oman United Agencies (OUA) and Lulu Hypermarket providing a selection of U.S. products for the evening.
Ambassador Sievers expressed his support for the many upcoming events highlighting the strong commercial relationship between the United States and Oman. “The Discover America Festival is a celebration of the strong brand recognition U.S. products enjoy in Oman, almost all of which enter duty free under the U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement,” he remarked.
Hotels across Muscat will highlight their American flavours and imported beverages from the United States through the official beverage sponsor of the festival, OUA. There will also be discounts at a variety of American fashion and dining outlets.
“Members of the OABC, and especially the hotel members, have been planning very creative and unique events for Discover America,” says Rebecca Olson, Executive Director at the Oman American Business Centre. “Many people don’t realise the variety of cuisines available in the US — we’re proud to help OABC’s member hotels highlight everything from Tex-Mex to Cajun foods this month, and hope the Oman public will come taste the many flavours and delicacies presented. Sometimes it’s nice to try something totally different.”
She continued, “That said, we’re also proud to support events featuring what some say the U.S. does best — USDA steaks and Angus burgers at big outside BBQ events. With the weather changing, now is a great time to treat the family to a nice meal and experience the culture and cuisine of the U.S.A. in Oman.”