Discover America 2017 highlights

The U.S. Embassy proudly supported “Discover America” promotions from October 29 to November 12, 2017. The annual “Discover America” campaign aims to promote U.S. products and trade with Oman.

On October 29, Deputy Chief of Mission Stephanie Hallett inaugurated the two-week campaign at an “American Food Night” reception at Oman Avenues Mall sponsored by the Oman American Business Center with American-style food prepared by the National Hospitality Institute. From October 29 to November 5 at Oman Avenues Mall, stores selling U.S. products displayed a “Discover America 2017” logo, and shoppers could take a selfie in front of a large U.S.-themed display. On November 2, U.S. Ambassador Marc J. Sievers toured the numerous American automobiles – vintage and brand new – on display in the Oman Avenues Mall parking lot.

On November 5, Ambassador Sievers inaugurated the “Discover America” promotion at Lulu Hypermarkets, which ran until November 12. Expats and Omanis alike enjoyed stocking up on their favorite U.S. brands.

Speaking on “Discover America,” Ambassador Sievers said, “Lulu has put together an outstanding promotion, showcasing some of the best products the United States has to offer. We are very proud of the food we produce in the U.S., and I am grateful to Lulu for helping bring these products here to Oman. ‘Discover America 2017’ is about introducing Omanis to all kinds of American products, and I have every expectation that Lulu’s promotion will be extraordinarily successful in achieving that goal.”