The Power of Poetry

Glenis Redmond shakes hands with Omani artists inspired by her words.

Visiting American poet Glenis Redmond inspired the audience at the Lounge with her performance and personality. The U.S. Embassy Muscat hosted Ms. Redmond on a visit to Muscat in February of 2016, in commemoration of black history month. Glenis Redmond led writing workshops and gave poetry readings at various public and private locations.

Glenis Redmond delivers powerful Poetry.
Glenis Redmond delivers poetry to an audience of 50 artists at The Lounge, Oman.

Poetry of Inclusion and Inspiration

Glenis Redmond’s message of inclusion, healing, and openness resonated with her Omani audience. It was her first visit to the Middle East, and she wasn’t sure what to expect. Some of her audience members weren’t sure what to expect either, but many were pleasantly surprised. “I’m normally not a fan of poetry; but I’m a fan of poetry tonight,” said one young Omani man.

Many of Genlis’ new fans were inspired to write poetry of their own. Glenis held workshops at Amideast, The Lounge, and The American International School Muscat, inspiring her new friends to express themselves in the English language. Glenis was impressed with what she found, and with how poets in Oman express the same human questions, fears, hopes, dreams, and passion that she finds in the poetry she finds back in North Carolina.

Glenis Redmond takes a selfie after talking Poetry.
Glenis Redmond takes a selfie with her gracious Omani hosts.